Tools  & Styles


About Me







The tools that I use are pendulum, tarot, oracle cards, womanrunes, Elder Futhark runes, and13 witches runes.  I also have various claire- abilities, which are clairvoyance, clairealience, clairtangency, clairaudience, and clairgustance.  I am a living, walking spirit box, who can channel deities, nature, animal, and human spirits.


Tool Reading Style

I use a combination of booklet, intuition, and claire abilities when I perform any readings.  Tools aren't always necessary during a session.  Sometimes the tools simply act as triggers for the channeling and invocation.  Other times the tools are used to clarify the entities message.


Evocation/Mediumship Style

Evocation is inviting a God or Spirit into your space, kind of like having a friend over to your house.  I act as that bridge or phone between their space and yours, by channeling those messages.  Most of my life I've heard chitter chatter from the Other.  They communicate through words, tastes, emotions, energy, symbols, visions, and whatever else is necessary to get the message through. I've come to call myself a living Spirit Box, which is a tool used by paranormal investigators.  The spirit or ghost box plays a frequency that allows spirits to speak through, usually a word at a time or short sentences.  


Invocation Style

This practice is known by many terms, such as divine embodiment, divine possession, possessory trance, possession, aspecting, being ridden, and drawing down.  Invocation is when a person invites a deity or spirit into their body.  Sometimes Gods and Spirits take partial or full control of me, sometimes not.  I'll let you know either way.  During possessions, sometimes I'm present, sometimes I'm not.  Either way, I may not remember the conversation that happens between you and Them.  Which is why sessions are recorded.

After you've contacted me for a video chat or an in-person reading, I will send you what to expect during a possession.  Possession is not what you see in movies.  Measures have been taken to protect clients from "hitchhikers".  Before and after sessions, I will walk you through grounding.  Before a session, the client will be provided with a "What to Expect" form, should invocation take place.


  1. Sometimes the Gods and Spirits will ignore the question asked and go after the root of your issue.  They can be very blunt.  Hearth Fox Oracle cannot control what the Gods and Spirits decide to talk about.

  2. I can only work with Beings who have permission from my Guardians and Guides.  

  3. Be respectful.  These Beings are not here for your amusement.  

  4. No drama from either side, or I will shut the session down.

  5. Gods and Spirits often speak in riddles and expect you to figure it out.  Sometimes things won't make sense until after a session.

  6. Sometimes there are things that They can't or won't tell you.

  7. Sometimes the Beings that you want to come forward may not.  Please be respectful of their wishes.

  8. Sometimes who they were in life (if they had a corporal body) is who they are in death.

  9. Spirits can lie. 

  10. Spirits are not all knowing.  They may speak from their point of view, right, neutral, or wrong.

  11. Often the Ancestors are closer to us than the Gods.

  12. Please use discretion.

  13. Regardless of what these Beings say, you are in control of your life.  You can take their advice or not.  The choice is yours.