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This page talks about Hearth Fox Oracle's ethics and policies.  You will be expected to have read & agreed to these before purchasing a reading.



  1. Hearth Fox Oracle only accepts clients who are 18+ years old

  2. Hearth Fox Oracle welcomes all races, genders, sexual orientations, identities, and belief systems.

  3. Hearth Fox Oracle is not a healthcare professional, herbalist, financial advisor, lawyer, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist,  etc.  Regardless of what the reading says, please consult a professional

  4. If you are having harmful thoughts or are in emotional/mental/physical distress please contact your healthcare provider, emergency number, or click this link for Crisis Hotlines.

  5. Hearth Fox Oracle is not responsible for the client's actions regarding a reading.  It is up to the client whether or not these sessions aid with growth and healing.

  6. Hearth Fox Oracle does not answer questions about romantic relationships, pregnancy, legal, or finances.  

  7. Divination can show paths that you can take for healing, growth, and success.  Divination gives advice and shows possible outcomes, not absolutes.  The client's results may vary.

  8. These readings are not the end-all, be-all of your life.  By all means seek others for advice or readings.  Other professionals may be able to see or explain things in a way that's best for you to understand.  

  9. Hearth Fox Oracle will never charge you to remove curses.  The chance of you actually being cursed is very low.  Please be aware that if a psychic says that you are cursed, most of the time, it is a scam.  I strongly suggest either getting a second opinion from another psychic/healer and/or reporting the scammer to the Better Business Bureau.

  10. Hearth Fox Oracle only has one website, one Facebook business page, one Instagram, one Twitter, one Youtube, and three emails. I am working on one Etsy page.

  11. Hearth Fox Oracle will never contact you to sell or make offers.

  12. Hearth Fox Oracle does not have giveaways or contests (with the exception of a raffle done through Evermoving We Rise at the Pagan Unity Festival in June 2021).

  13. Unless stated on one of the existing links first, HFO does not have profiles anywhere else.  If you're contacted by a fake Hearth Fox Oracle or a fake Hearth Foxlynx account claiming to be me, please message me and report.


  1. Once your payment has been received, expect your written reading or an email regarding scheduling for the video chat, text, or in-person reading within 1-3 days.  If Hearth Fox Oracle cannot comply, you will be fully refunded.

  2. Hearth Fox Oracle offers email readings, video chat readings, text readings, and *in-person readings with Deities and Spirits.   You will be given a copy of the typed/written session.  You may also record the session.  

    1. Recordings are just for the client.  Do not sell or share the video in any way without Hearth Fox Oracle's written consent.

  3. Hearth Fox Oracle will save screen shots and recordings of our conversations and readings for our records.  Hearth Fox Oracle will not share these readings unless the client has given permission or if it's required by a court of law.  Clients can request a copy of their records by email at anytime, with no additional fees.

  4. Any additional fees will be discussed and agreed upon before proceeding with a session.

  5. Please contact Hearth Fox Oracle for a reschedule or cancellation 2 hours before the appointment for a full refund. If you do not comply, you will not receive a full refund.

  6. Please be on time for sessions.  After 15 minutes, we will reschedule or cancel.

  7. A portion of the money made will go back into the community through charity donations or small business purchasesThe rest will go into Hearth Fox Oracle and family.

  8. After a session, Hearth Fox Oracle asks that you leave feedback in the Testimonial page to let us know how we're doing, what we can improve on, and to share your experience with others (if you wish).

If you have any questions or comments please email Hearth Fox Oracle at:


* In-person readings are only for locals in and around Delaware, Ohio.  I will only perform a reading in public places.  If I don't feel safe, we'll have to reschedule or cancel.