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What's In a Name?

Ugh, I'm having tech issues with setting up the pouch shop. I was going to go live with it on Sunday--ran into issues. I was going to go live with it this morning, and ran into bigger issues. I may have to delete what I have and do it over again. My hubby's going to help me figure it out later. I'm not that upset. With my track record with technology, I expected bugs and hiccups. But I am annoyed that I spent so much time getting it just right....useful experience for the future I guess!

In the meantime, I'm listening to 528 Hz Positive Transformation, Emotional Healing, Destroy Unconscious Blockages & Fear from the Youtube channel Jason Stephenson - Chakra Healing Music and studying Spirit Speak by Ivo Dominguez Jr.. Technology isn't my strong point, but this spiritual psychic magikal stuff is. While I need a break from the shop tech, I've been working on getting better at what I do know.

While reading, Ivo gives his terms of Mediumship, Channeling, and Mediator (with a hint of Mystic). Reading page 61, I was that one of my abilities? Being a Mediator?

I sometimes call myself a Spirit Box, because sometimes words are blurted that have nothing to do with questions asked with those tools, said at random times. Often when having any type of conversation, I get a word or a full blown message from entities. No meditations, no rituals, no triggers or prompts, no trances, no journeys, no divination tools, just messages from the Other. I often have experiences of talking to people, then I'll have an entity "beside" me making comments, too. Dionysus and Loki are usually the commentators! Sometimes ancestors, sometimes spirit animals. Although the animals don't usually speak human words, but in their own languages, gestures, and visions.

Is mediator part of my many abilities?

Sometimes I operate like a Medium, sometimes like a Channeler, sometimes like a Mediator, and sometimes like a Mystic, according to Ivo's definitions. Sometimes the Entity just takes full control and skips the clumsy human brain, with clumsier mouth and fingers (sounds sexual, it's not). I am the vessel for the entities to speak through. Sometimes I'm partially present, other times I'm not present at all. It's like I'm sitting in a waiting room, watching the entity speak to people I can't see or hear. Sometimes it's just nothingness. Eventually I hear my name or a specific math equation and I'm back, repeating my name, birthdate, and simple math equations. Drinking a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar (because nothing grounds me better).

There's just so many terms out there with many more definitions, that I don't know what to call myself sometimes--nor do I know my abilities are called. Nor do I want to step on someone's toes if certain terms belong to certain traditions that I'm not part of. Sometimes it's easier to go with "psychic" even though I don't really care for that term. I also use "God-Speaker", "vessel", and "oracle", which are terms that I like, but most folks outside of the spiritual community may not know what they mean or take one seriously. But the term "psychic", they do know what it means (even though psychic has its own list of problems thanks to unethical psychics, con artists, and frauds)--it's more universal.

For now, until I find more fitting terms for what I do, I am Hearth Foxlyn, psychic medium, oracle for the Gods, Spirits, and the Dead; and Spiritual Guide.

Thank you!

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