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The Wolf and the Cardinal

Last night I did some mirror scrying and this is the story, vision, and advice that I received about being a healer who carries hard energy:

Wounded lone wolf


in a blizzard

A little red bird appears

wounded wolf tries to bite

little red bird is healthy and strong and fast

little red bird leads the biting snarling wounded wolf to a fire

wolf is cautious

senses no humans

rests by the fire

in the morning the excited little red bird tries to get the wolf up

the wolf is weak and tired

little red bird leaves and returns with blood on its wing

the wolf gets up driven by hunger

follows the little red bird to a fresh dead moose

cautious wolf

senses no enemies

wolf feeds

over time wolf heal

wolf and little red bird are friends

little red bird shifts into a human shaman

wolf backs away

smells like friend

is friend

wolf and shaman are allies and friends

The Shaman turned to me and said, "carry hard energy? call on cardinal to appear small, not intimidating. call on cardinal to learn how to use your hard energy to protect the wounded and find resources. appear small to the dangerous wounded. be smart. sacrifice. call on cardinal to befriend the wounded lone wolf. call on cardinal to protect the wounded lone wolf."



Call on Cardinal.

I researched and saw that Cardinal's can teach how to develop better strategy skills and handle power. Do so with compassion.

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