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The Fool and the Fox-Dog

Last night I had a lovely dream. I was at my BFF's house and she had a new pet. A black and silver fox-dog. I don't think she had a name, but she was so sweet and mischievous. I was in love with her. At the end of it, I had to leave, because they were about to eat dinner.

I stepped outside into a violent storm. I was looking at the apartment from the old neighborhood, when I lived with my dad (an abusive POS btw). I was heading back, through the darker than dark, vicious threatening lightning, and cutting rain, to that apartment. Midway there, the Fox-Dog appeared at my side with a flash of lightning. Born of shadows, the silvery rain outlined and highlighted the beautiful loving creature, with the blue-gray eyes. I was looking at us in third person from behind, and woke up.

The last image was The Fool card. Instead of a precarious cliff, I was looking at the old apartment where my dad lived. I was standing in front of the complex, holding a yellow bag, with the Fox-Dog at my side, looking up at me. Me looking forward, uncertain, but determined.

I am beginning a new journey, not just a new year or with a new president. I'm learning how to be more like the good that was my brother. I'm learning how to be a better diviner, vessel, and healer. I'm working harder to make both mine and my husband's businesses successful. I'm learning how to leave that fear, that Devil (card), behind.

The cats visited the night before last, warning me about the political distractions.

Freya said to refocus on my goals.

Fox-Dog is by my side as I begin a new adventure. Not so naïve, but a lot that needs to be learned and done.

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(The Fool card pictured is from the Robin Wood Tarot)

(Also posted on my Book of Mirrors)

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