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The Ancestors Are Closer Than The Gods

I did some trance work last night, and was taken to a forest that I had never been. Before me was a great red wood. My guide told me to climb it. I grew claws and started climbing, careful not to sink my claws too deep and damage the tree. Up, up, up I climbed, until someone offered their hand and helped me up into the clouds.

(Drawing belongs to Hearth Fox Oracle)

It was my great great great grandmother, the woman who'd called before. She told me that I never have to walk alone. To pray and ask them--ancestors--for help. They are closer than the Gods.

I've been struggling too long, alone--self sabotage. I rarely even ask the Gods or my own guides for help, which is true, always saying that their is someone more deserving of Their power. A bad habit learned from an abusive childhood that needs shattering. This Dark Moon we're going to be working together me for.

I rarely ask for help for me, but don't hesitate for others (and do work with them regularly for family in need). This is a problem that I've been working on for a year or so. Getting use to the idea that I'm worthy of help, too. Also that They have plenty of energy to give.

I was also encourage to trust my power more. I've reclaimed it, now I must keep up that trust in it, in me. No more self sabotage.

Three speak:

"One cannot pour from an empty vessel. Must remember to care for oneself. Ask for help when it is needed. You are in a frail human body, you must care for it. You need to ask those whom aren't contained and trap by physical things for help. We do what you cannot. You have allies for a reason, child!"

"Shadow work is self love."

"The Rock Rose."


Today, I drew runes for luck, regarding the infamous Friday the 13th.

Facebook group, WitchWithMe Community's #dailydivination asked, "Where can you find luck today on this Friday the 13th?"

My Internal Spirit Box answered, "Don't need it" "Ancestors." "Up."

Still I reached for my womanrunes, and someone said,

"If you insist....OUTSIDE!"

Womanrunes added, - The Wheel - Change of Fortune. - Dancing Woman - Power. Wisdom. Strength Within. - 2 Circles - A good divide.

I don't need luck, as I have the power and knowledge within to make better choices, to have a better outlook even in the face of adversity and difficulties. Listen and have faith in myself, in my Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors, and in those around me.

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