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Stitchin Seer Pt. 2

Part 2 is here. In the last post I talked about how I keep my divination tools, and about how I enjoy crocheting them pouches. How it helps to make me a better fiberartist and helps to create that bond with the spirit of the deck.

Here’s the next batch. At the end of this post, please tell me which pouch you liked the most. If you also love to add magik to your crochet, knit, weaving, or sewing projects, what kinds of magiks do you do? What’s the project you’ve done that you love the most? Do you use specific types of stitches, knots, or colors for specific intentions? If not, perhaps this is something to think about the next time you make a magical project.

9) Greek Mythology Reading Cards by Alison Chester-Lambert and Richard Crookes – Here’s another Greek Pantheon inspired deck. Fairly simple, gold, and green, to match the deck. This is a deck that I specifically use for this pantheon, just like the Mythic Oracle. This is the intention that I was sure to stitch into this pouch. A dedication and prayer to this pantheon, asking Them for clear, accurate answers and advice. And to strengthen our bonds.

10) Chakra Insight Oracle by Caryn Sangster – This is an unfinished pouch…for nearly 2 years. Unfinished because I’ve yet to make or find a string of chakra beads to sew into the flap. I think the spirit of the deck can sense this. The deck still works for me, but the energy is one of…so that project, you know, my home? When’s that gonna get done? Your guess is as good as mine, deck! I’m picky.

I selected yellow, not just for the overall color of the back, but because yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus chakra. The chakra of will power. A lot of healing comes down to one’s ability and will to heal themselves. Wanting and wishing are one thing, but DOING, that’s another thing. You can want all you want, but action is what’s going to create that change in your life. For my own healing, I’ve been working a lot with the Solar Plexus chakra. It hasn’t been easy to turn my own desires into tangible things, but I’m a lot closer than I was.

11) Hedge Witch Oracle by Siolo Thompson – Ah, this is one of my favorite pouches. I don’t know what the technique is of using two yarns at the same time, but that’s what I did for this one. A soft green and ivory, with a brown and a flower button (I did find the purple flower that snaps into the button). I also really love this oracle deck. It’s of different flora. The booklet gives information about the plants, as well as their spiritual meanings, and what that could mean for you. The deck is nice, feels great in the hand, and is the size of a regular playing card deck (give or take). BUT this isn’t a deck review post! I really love this deck, and I put that love and care into this pouch.

12) Fairy Tale Fortune by Liz Dean and Bev Speight – Oh this one. I love this deck, especially the colors, but I do not love this pouch. I used thicker yarn and the tension was too loose and too sloppy, and just ugh! This is a pouch that I’m going to redo. The intention isn’t there because I was unhappy with it the entire time. Unhappy with it and my attitude—energies that one doesn’t want to stitch into a anything, unless you’re doing bane work, amiright? I made this one because I didn’t want to deal with the box anymore. I had the right colors.

The next pouch will be of the same colors, with a big blue button. Maybe I’ll experiment with a chevron design?

13) Starman Tarot by Davide and Esther De Angelis – This is another deck and pouch that I love. Funny enough, the Gods that have claimed this one and the Hedge Witch Oracle are married in mythology! I used Lion Brand Scarfie in Black Hot Pink. This is also a looser pouch…kind of like the God that it’s dedicated to. Loose and flexible. This will make sense when I post about my deity claimed tools. There’s no clasp, button, or charm yet, because I want to buy or make one of David Bowie’s symbols, which this is a Bowie inspired deck. Yes, another unfinished pouch, but finished enough!

14) Rebel Deck: The Oracle with Attitude – This pouch. I love this pouch. The deck isn’t too bad itself. It’s soft, gentle, cream, pink, and purple, and once I find a unicorn charm that I like, it’ll have that, too. This pouch is purposely deceptive. This deck, which I often call the Rebel Unicorn, is totally not gentle. This deck is blunt, cusses, and will call you out on your BS. Some people like it, some folks don’t. Often those who don’t, need those messages the most!

15) Nordic Runes – I don’t have a lot to say about this pouch. It’s home to Norse runes on bloodstone and another stone that I can’t remember. Runes that I primarily use for Odin, Freya, and Loki, and whomever reaches out. I wanted this metallic gunpowder colored yarn, with the gold cord, and the gray blue button. That button is similar in color of a stone inside of the pouch. I wanted that metal color for the armor that I’ve seen Odin wear. The gold cord matches the gold symbols. I kept Odin on my mind as I made it. Cleansed and dedicate to the Norse Pantheon once finished.

16) Everyday Tarot by Biddy Tarot – This is a bitty deck, but beautiful in purple, gold, and white. Simple images. I found this deck looking up tricky meanings for other decks. The website’s author broke it down very well for me to understand. I also really like the boxing that Biddy Tarot had chosen, it’s like opening a small fat book. So I made this gold, white, and purple pouch big enough for the box. This is the only box that I’ve kept, much less incorporated into the pouch design.

17) Children’s Spirit Animal by Dr. Steven D. Farmer, Jessica Camacho, and Pamela Anzalotti – I got these cards for my kids. We pull one most mornings before school, just to give them something to think about throughout their day, like being kind, giving gifts to others, or just flat-out doing chores without being asked or complaining. Very gentle and my kids like this deck. I let them touch it and draw their own cards. This was a Yule gift for my kids. I’m probably going to give it to one of them in the future, should they get interested enough in divination.

Finally, I had a home for this cartoony dog button! The purple isn’t exact, but it’s fine.

That’s it for this batch. I’ve got one more part for this series coming up.

If you’d like to see more of my projects or learn about some the of yarns that I used, come check out my Ravelry profile, KnottyFlame.

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