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Spark, Splash, Fuel, and Fan

I am nearing the end of a kidney stone! This week has been painful and exhausting, but I feel good enough to do a spread for myself from Serendipity Wyrd, called the Fires of May Spread.

  1. The Spark - What ignites your passion?

  2. The Splash - What might douse your flames?

  3. The Fuel - What sustains your passion?

  4. The Fan - What helps fan your flames?

I'm going to use two decks: The Guardian of the Night by MJ Cullinane and the Shamanic Healing Oracle. The SHO doesn't have a booklet with it, so it's all intuitive. And this deck has been claimed by Baba Yaga. My GotN deck is claimed by Hekate. I'm curious how these two decks will work with each other. I do so love mixing tools! I think I'm going to try to use the GotN deck as a clarifier for the SHO.

  1. "Healing"

  2. SHO: Anger

  3. GotN: Jumper - 8 of Cups - (emotions) Knowing your boundaries and when to walk away. A change is needed.

  4. GotN: Page of Pentacles (which was part of my daily draw today) - Determination.

  5. "Fear"

  6. SHO: Reunion of Souls

  7. GotN: "mother" "problems" "Aries horns, head to head" Knight of Cups - (emotions) Overly sensitive, irrational, temperamental? The Knight of Cups can help to calm tempers, so peaceful solutions can be reached.

  8. "Community"

  9. SHO: Retreat

  10. GotN: "Break" "Rest" "Patience" "Look within" "introspection" 8 of Pentacles - Don't rush, hone your craft.

  11. "Energy" "Desire"

  12. SHO: Perception

  13. GotN: 8 of Swords - (mental processes) Fear of failure. You are the key to your happiness.

Three 8's in this reading. 8's in tarot traditionally mean building on one's experiences.

Two pentacles, which traditionally are about tangible things. Time wise, pents are slow.

Anger in terms of "enough is enough". Sometimes with healing, one needs to reach that breaking point first. That point of frustration and anger and knowing that things have to change. To take a stand, standing up to others, standing up to yourself. THEN healing can begin. Determination is definitely necessary for true change and healing.

The need for change is what ignites my passion. That makes so much sense.

This one makes a lot of sense too. Big changes are coming for my family. Two Aries are going to be closer than they've been in a long time. I have some concerns about those conditions, but I know that these conversations and compromises need to happen for some peace for the entire herd.

Fear of drama and emotional regressions might douse my flames.

Taking the time to build a community, to build up trust, friendship, and love, to sustain that community will--in turn--sustain my passion. When I'm feeling a little burnt out, to seek community for aid.

Fear of failing myself, my Gods and Ancestors, and failing people is what fans my flames. It keeps me striving to be better at what I do. Keeps me studying and learning. Keeps me pushing myself to be a better person.

Hm. I really liked this spread. It was very enlightening for me, as fire can often be. In the beginning of the year, I did a Year Reading for myself. This month's tools were the Broomstick for purification and The Sun for a better perspective.

Thanks for your support!

- Hearth Foxlyn

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