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Self Worth

Ansuz. The Breath. Whenever I mirror scry with Odin, He always ends our session with Ansuz. Odin, God, Divine Communication, Speech.

Last night I scryed with Him. I met my mirror self. I comforted my Shadow Sister. I met with the Goddess Luna who said to step away from Chaos (Loki) for a bit, and embrace joy (Baldur). That I was worthy of Joy.

Ansuz is about communication. How we speak to ourselves is extremely important. I've added the mantra of "I am worthy of joy and happiness" to the rest of my breath work exercises.

After the session, I asked Baldur what His message was for me and I drew:

Wyrd, Wunjo, and Ansuz.

Fate. Joy. Communication.

Self care.

Self love.

Be aware of how you speak to yourself and those whom you love.

Thank you for your support,

- Hearth Foxlyn

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