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It's a dark moon and I'm on my cycle, which means it's time to use my Womanrunes. No rules of when to use them, just preference.

As far as I'm aware, Womanrunes exist as cards from Brigid's Grove. Although I discovered the website after I found the chart by the creator Shekinah Mountainwater, although I can't remember that website. The chart got me googling for more information, which is when I found Brigid's Grove.

I made myself a set of womanrunes on wooden tiles, with intentions of purchasing the cards for deeper understanding. Because some of these symbols do escape me. I haven't bought them yet, but they are on the wishlist!

Something that I have bought recently is ROAR Oracle by MJ Cullinane.

I am a fan of MJ's work, as I have four of her decks. I love the artwork, the feel of the decks, and that I've formed strong bonds with each one far quicker than other tools. The spirits of these decks are accurate. ROAR features strong, loud trail blazers from history. MJ gives a bit of history about these women and the oracle meanings.

I'm super excited to get to know this deck and these women. As I just got the deck yesterday, I have not bonded with it, but due to a dryer mishap, it had a nice red pouch ready for it. I love using red for women--cis and not--because red is blood, red is power. On my path, red connects us, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

So onto the my personal Womanrune reading:

On this Dark Moon, what is your message for me?


- The Tool - Work

- The Moonboat - Journeys, Astral Travel

- The Two Triangles - Focus.

I interpret this as me needing to focus on my work in the astral realm. Since the beginning of this month, I have been doing intense Shadow Work, and turning some of that work into tile carvings, starting with me as the Shadow Fool.

The house pictured is a townhouse from my childhood. Lots of darkness within, lots of abuse. I've been slowly working through this house and its memories. Doing good work for myself and those still trapped there.

A ton of symbiology on this journey. I did some work last night during a guided meditation by Byron Ballard on Facebook. Perhaps today, I need to go back? Or get to carving?

Okay, I've decided to ask the Roar Oracle a question.


Roar Oracle, what is your message for me?

"My name is Lilith."

Lilith, what is your message?

"Sarah Caudill" She is my 3x Great Grandmother, who's been around me a lot lately. She is someone who's been proud of the work that I've been doing as a "Cycle Breaker", someone who's been breaking generational curses and toxic family cycles. What's good for me and my descendants, is also good for my ancestors.

- Rachel Carson - "Share the love of nature with the next generation."

This card is telling me a little bit about my 3x Great Grandmother. She loved nature and sharing it with her descendants. Sarah says, "...keeping quiet about it, exploring the woods ain't what women were supposed to do in the family. Supposed to stay home and take care of children and men. I had my secrets moments to myself. I wish I had more moments, though. More time. More freedom. Don't let technology and work keep you from your passion, child. You have a loving man and a society that doesn't care if a woman explores. Take advantage of that freedom. Don't let these screens enslave ya. Show your children, too. Your boys already have that love, nourish it."

Thank you Sarah and Lilith, for your wisdom.

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