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Pick a Tool & A Deck Review

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(TW: Female Nudity)

Onto the reading! In honor of two new oracle decks gifted to me, I'm going to do today's Pick-a-Tool a little differently. Today's I'm using Womanrunes by Shekinah Mountainwater and Molly Remer, Kat Shaw's Affirmation deck, and MJ Cullinane's ROAR Oracle. Any and all are welcome to Pick-a-Tool. The wisdom in these tools are for anyone.

Close your eyes. Clear your mind or focus on your issue. Pay attention to any numbers, letters, or positions that may come to mind, as this could be your intuition or guides helping you out. Open your eyes and pick what draws you.

I received a gift in the mail yesterday that I'm uber excited about. Two oracle decks by Kat Shaw, The Path of the Divine Feminine Volume 1 and 2. I adore Kat Shaw's work, as she paints real women of all different shapes and sizes. She paints the parts of our bodies that society calls "flaws", "ugly", and bullies us into being ashamed of and hide. Kat Shaw is all about body positivity and self love. She turns real women into beautiful goddesses, empowering entities, and wise archetypes. Her work (as well as other artists that she has shared on her FB page) has helped me learn to love myself, inside and especially outside. I'm very grateful for artists like her, who're doing this powerful, necessary, healing work.

These cards are smaller than her Affirmations deck, and thus easier for my small hands to shuffle. Good quality of cardstock, too. They feel good in the hands. They came in that sheer pouch, as well as smaller cloth, velvet fabric draw string pouch and a beaded charm. The red one has pink beads with a spiral charm and the purple deck has white beads with a moon charm.

Due to overseas shipping (she's is in the UK and I'm in the US), shipping fees are ridiculous, otherwise I'd have more of Kat Shaw's work in my home. These two decks include many of my favorite pieces, like a these from the red deck:

I cannot wait to bond with these cards. I need to hunt down some sparkling red and purple yarn(s)!

Onto the reveal! Have you picked your tool yet?

  1. Womanrune: The Dancing Women - Celebration, Community.

  2. ROAR Oracle: Dion Fortune - "Explore your use of magick. Do you you use it too little or too much? Consider a shift in habits and patterns."

  3. Affirmation Card: I Am Enough - "You are enough. Just the Way You Are. It's time to stop being more and less. Be you. Love you."

Did it make sense? Does it help your situation? Leave a comment about your experience!

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Still coming soon--once I figure out what is going on with this website and Etsy--Handmade crochet pouches, divination mats, rune dice, rune tiles, and pendulums.

One more thing, I am on the hunt for two decks: a tarot deck and an oracle deck that feature foxes. I love foxes and I have two businesses with "fox" in their names...yet I do not have any fox decks. Can you believe it? Hearth FOX Oracle lacks fox decks! If you know of any fox decks, please let me know! Please comment below this post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, as the commenting on the blog post itself doesn't work.

Thank you for your support,

- Hearth Foxlyn

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