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Pick-a-Rune - 5/20/21

Close your eyes. Clear your mind or focus on your issue. Pay attention to any numbers, letters, or positions that may come to mind, as this could be your intuition or guides helping you out. Open your eyes and pick what draws you.

For the next 72 days, I'm joining others in doing a deep dive into the Elder Futhark runes. Today is day two of Fehu, the rune of wealth. I have Fehu written on my hand, I've been reading about it, listening to Wardrunna's song about it, meditating on cow and thinking about my breast pumping journey and that liquid gold. Yesterday I made a set of runic beads, for Freya, Odin, and the spirit of Uruz--which was a driving force in creating the beads.

I like this string of beads a lot--I may make more for my shop, as well as prayer beads in the future.

All right now, do you have your rune? Here is the reveal!

  1. Ehwaz - Teamwork and Loyalty.

  2. Laguz - Go with the flow.

  3. Gebo - Reciprocity, Balance.

Do they make sense? If you'd like a more in-depth reading, see my shop for other offerings. I am currently experiencing issues with this websites payment, so if you're interested please email me at with the subject which option you want. I will send you my paypal or venmo, and we'll go from there.

Thank you for your support!

- Hearth Foxlyn

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