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Pick-A-Rune - 4/22/21

Happy Earth Day!

In the spirit of me working on rune dice for the shop, today we're doing a Pick-A-Rune, instead of the usual cards. I've got Marya Stark playing and the Womanrunes (by Shekhinah Mountainwater) are calling. Let's do this!

Close your eyes. Clear your mind or focus on your issue. Pay attention to any numbers, letters, or positions that may come to mind, as this could be your intuition or guides helping you out. Open your eyes and pick what draws you.

Yes, as I said above, I'm working on rune dice. I've got 14-sided dice and mini 6-sided dice. Eventually I'm going to have regular sided dice, as well as wooden tiles, and maybe twigs. The first batch are this shimmery pink-orange, but I'm going to have other colors too.

The runes that I'm going to start with will be the Elder Futhark and the Witches Runes. I want to do Womanrunes, but I don't know if Brigid Grove owns those or whatever, so I'll have to find out. Each set will have it's own pouch and a little page or booklet of the meanings.

These runes are in the works! As for the pouches that I keep talking about, I'm hoping to get those up on the website by Sunday.

Have you picked your runes? Here are the meanings:

1) The Hearth - Home. Family. Nurture. Warmth. Love.

2) The Sun & Moon - Laughter. Joy. Ease.

3) The Moon & Star - Faith in yourself, in others. Inspiration. Truth.

4) The Serpent - Awakening. Cataclysm. Kundalini Energy. Realization.

Sit with your chosen rune(s) for a moment, especially if the meaning isn't clear. If I can't figure out an immediate connection, I like to meditate with them. Reflect. Or ask other tools for clarification.

Did the rune(s) make sense to you? Did they help your situation? If you'd like to talk about it, comment below the post, as I don't believe that commenting works on this blog.

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I personally love doing video chat readings, not because of the price, but because I can allow full invocation to take place. The Entities within me don't have to worry about typing or writing, they can be their full selves...well, about as full as they can be when they're in a human. The experience is far more intense, healing, and enjoyable.

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I appreciate yall's support. Thank you very much.

- Hearth Foxlyn

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