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Pick a Rune - 2/24/21

Close your eyes and clear your mind for a general message. Now pick a rune. Pick one that you're drawn to. Pay attention to your thoughts, listen to your intuition. What numbers, letters, or positions pop into your mind?

1, 2, 3, 4.

A, B, C, D.

Have you picked one yet? If you're still thinking about it, also know that if you're interested in taking a 9-week course for $99, offered by my friend and fellow oracle, Serendipity Wyrd, you can still register! Class starts on February 27th, and I believe the last day to sign up on on the 26th. Multiple payment options. 9 weeks of runes, rune lore, and Serendipity's experiences. I'm certainly excited, and so are the Norse deities in my life.

Also, if you're into Facebook groups and psychics, you're gonna like Serendipity Wyrd and Angie Knight-Reiter's Free & Paid Psychic Readings for Spiritual Awakening & Personal Growth group. I'm there as a FreebieReader. There are many other Free and Paid psychics available.

Ready to find out which rune your picked?

Here they are:

1) Othila - Home. Ancestral Wisdom.

2) Mannaz - Interconnectedness. Community. Networking

3) Laguz - Unconscious Mind. Spiritual Connection.

4) Dagaz - Beginnings. Realization. Awakening. Clarity.

How was your experience? Did the rune make sense to your situation?

Yeah, my understanding of the runes is pretty vague right now, but in 9 weeks, I'll be better at working with the runes.

If you'd like more than a glimpse and more than a vague general drawing, check out my shop.

- NEW! Mini-Reading - $20

- Email Session - $45

- 2 Hours Video Chat / Facebook Messenger Session - $100

- 2 Hours Local In-Person Session - $120

I am working on a Trade page, for those who cannot afford or would rather buy me a book or a deck. There will be a link for an Amazon Wishlist for those who choose that option.

I do accept donations.

For Trade or Donations, please send me a message and we can work it all out.

Coming Soon are handmade crocheted pouches and mats!

New blog posts are coming, too!

If you're on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, give Hearth Fox Oracle a Like and a Follow! Links are above.

Stay tuned for more offers and free readings.

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