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Pick-A-Card - 4/15/21

Morning yall! It's that time again! Today's deck is the Urban Crow Oracle by MJ Cullinane.

Close your eyes. Clear your mind or focus on your issue. Pay attention to any numbers, letters, or positions that may come to mind, as this could be your intuition or guides helping you out. Open your eyes and pick what card or cards draw you.

Do you like to listen to music when you're working, studying, or just relaxing? When I do work, especially spiritual work, I like to listen to instrumental music that vibes at certain hertz that are supposed to affect healing, confidence boosting, and different types of attractions, like good business. I don't know if the frequencies work, but I enjoy listening to them all the same. I have noticed a change in myself, but I'm also doing a lot of shadow work on myself. Maybe the two combined are helping?

If you're interested, these are the two Youtube channels that I listen to. There are plenty of others out there.

- Good Vibes - Binaural Beats -

- Simply Hypnotic -

Got your picks? Here's the reveal!

1) Bond - A bond exists, be it between people, animals, jobs, passions, self and shadow, or places. If you're feeling this tug, perhaps it is the one for you? Just be wary that not all bonds are good ones. Sometimes they can be toxic, sometimes they can lead to great healing and lessons learned. One of those "blessings in disguise" type of things. Acknowledge the bond, but use discernment and listen to your gut. Don't just fall in love with the romantic idea of a soul mate, twin flame, or finally finding a place to belong.

2) Catching - Keeping something safe and waiting for the right time to reveal or use it. Examine why you are doing this? Out of excitement or uncertainty, perhaps you need more time it figure it out? Perhaps you're keeping this secret of out fear or self doubt? Is this a good thing to keep secret or are you just stalling? Procrastinating? OR perhaps this is a good time to keep whatever's in your mind or hands quiet?

3) Protection - You are protected, but this doesn't mean you can intentionally put yourself in harms way or do foolish things. Have some peace of mind, for you are being looked after, be it by your ancestors, your friends, your allies, guides, guardians, deities, or perhaps your own energies. Someone or thing has got your back.

4) Gifts - Reciprocity. An exchange of energy. Doing something nice just because. Paying it forward. Give a genuine gift to someone, be it time, energy, a phone call, a text, a donation, supporting their business, or an item. Something from the heart. Nothing forced.

Did the card(s) make sense to you? Did they help your situation? If you'd like to talk about it, comment below the post, as I don't believe that commenting works on this blog.

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Thank you all for your support. Whether you're reading my posts, sharing my posts, Likeing/Following, or hiring. I appreciate yall. <3

Hearth Foxlyn

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