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Pick a Card - 4/1/21

It's going to be a spicy morning for me, because I just dumped cayenne into my coffee, thinking it was cinnamon! April Fool's to me. But enough about me, let's see what the cards hold for you this day. Today's deck is the Osho Zen Tarot.

Close your eyes and clear your mind, or focus on your question or issue. Pay attention to any numbers, letters, or positions that come to mind, as this could be your intuition guiding you to the right card or cards.

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Have you picked yet? Okay, here are the reveals!

1) Inner Voice - Find truth within you, often done with meditation, self honesty, healing, and sometimes shadow work--learning to accept the darkness and the light within you. Learning to be at peace with and working with them. Live in your true authentic self. Be still and center oneself, especially if your life is confusion and chaos. (pg 6-7)

2) Ripeness - It's the right time and you are ready. (pg 154-155).

3) Integration - Communication, balance of opposites, yin and yang, catabolic and anabolic, light and dark. Bridge the gap between these opposites and learn to blend them, balance them, create something incredible. (pg 30-31)

4) Turning In - Distance yourself from the drama. This is a water card, and water often deals with emotions. (pg 104-105)

5) New Vision - This is a time of rebirth, to see the world with new eyes, new perspectives, new learnings, new integrations, new creations.(pg 26-27)

Was this helpful? Did it make sense for your situation? Think about your card(s) if its confusing. Sometimes the cards go after more important matters--the root--and this may take time to sink in.

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Thanks for your support,

Hearth Foxlyn

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