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Pick a Card - 3/3/21

Close your eyes and clear your mind. Open them and pick the card(s) that you are most drawn to. Pay attention to your thoughts, to any numbers, letters, or positions, as that may be your intuition guiding you to the right card(s).

Guardian of the Night tarot by MJ Cullinane:

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Have you picked your card? Here are the meanings:

1) Five of Cups - 5's are Crisis. A type of divorce. You must accept the loss, honor the emotions by feeling and exploring them, and face that some things cannot be fixed. Be grateful for what you still have in your life. Release what you don't to move on.

2) The Fool - Big Energy in your life. Naïve, Ignorant, New Adventures. The Fool is the first card in the tarot. The cards that follow are The Fool's adventure, filled with many life lessons, that in the end, result in a wiser person. So is our life. Many times we start as a Fool and end with the World. Let go of your fears and expectations and take that blind leap into a great adventure of the unknown. Something will be learned from it, something that will benefit you along the way. Perhaps you're already on this unknown journey? Perhaps you're overthinking everything? Sometimes you just have to accept that you can't control the outcome. Who knows what you'll gain? What kind of World will you end with?

3) The Chariot - Big Energy in your life. Self, Shadow Self, and Self Identity. In/Out of Control. Mental Card. Forward Momentum. Have courage to be determined and get what you want. Do not overthink it. Course, one also needs to learn how to control this ability. Sometimes risks and impulses are necessary, other times not. Explore, but don't over-analyze, which method is best for you (or contact Hearth Fox Oracle for a reading if you're stumped!).

4) The World - Big Energy in your life. Balance, Grand Perspective, Completion, Satisfaction, New Opportunities. Enjoy the end of this journey. Reflect and celebrate, and look forward with hope. Rest before the next big adventures begins.

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