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Pick a Card - 2/22/21

Today's Pick a Card comes from the Messages from Your Spirit Guides Oracle Cards.

Please get comfortable. Take a few deep breaths and either clear your mind for a general card or focus on your question. Once ready, pick the card you're drawn to. Pay attention to what you thoughts say, too. Your intuition may give you direction.

1, 2, or 3? Left, Center, or Right?

The cards will be revealed below the Upcoming Posts.

Watch out for our upcoming posts:

- Stitchin Seer Pt 3

- What is Invocation?

- My Deities and Spirits

Got your card? Here's the reveal:

1) Cheetah - "Get clear on your intention. Stay focused and move quickly to achieve your goal."

2) Blue Heron - "Take a stand for your belief and do what feels right despite what others say."

3) Shark - "Trust your gut to discern truths from lies."

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