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Personal Reading - 5/26/21

Last year, I bought myself Food Fortunes by Josh Lafayette, and I was bummed when it wasn't meant to be an actual tarot deck, but just as it says, to help ya decide on what to eat! Harking back to when tarot was a game deck, right? I have seen other readers use it as a deck, which is one of the reasons that bought it. That and I thought it was funny. I like my spiritual life to have some humor.

This deck stayed in my drawer until this morning, when I decided to turn it into another keyword deck. I spend this morning figuring out which suits should be assigned to what, and went from there. I wanted to give the deck a chance before writing it writing on it.

I'm not yet bonded with this deck, but here we go anyway!

What message do you have for me today, Food Fortunes?

  • The Hot Mess - aka - 9 of Swords - Mental Processes - Trapped in your mind, anxiety, let your mind and body relax.

Hm...I'm not feeling too much of a hot mess right now. I do have some anxiety going on, but it's understandable anxiety with what's going on in my life right now. We've got money problems with my husband's store closing in June, me working my tail off on this business, and in the fall we're moving to Florida. There's a lot of saving and packing, trashing, and donating that needs to be done, as well as school stuff for my kids. Oh, right, I have a toddler going through the Terrible Threes. That's always fun.

A lot is definitely going on. I do need to rest my brain and body. Stressors make it difficult to sleep, though.

I'm planning on shaving my head tonight, part of a monthly moon ritual that I do (sometimes by-monthly with the dark moon). I put all that negativity into my hair and shave it all off. Down into the drain it goes. It feels real good physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Maybe not a Hot Mess, but definitely a Tired Mess. Hey, the deck was pretty spot on.

Come on back tomorrow for the weekly Pick-A-Tool!

Thanks for your support!

~ Hearth Foxlyn

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