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No Matter the Side, I Got You

First time using the Crow Tarot and Urban Crow Oracle together:

  1. 10 of Cups - Emotional Well Being, Filling Your Own Cup. Utmost joy.

  2. King of Pentacles - "Live a life of determination, grace, and a good heart" (69).

  3. Nature - Look and see the divine all around you.

As I usually do for the moons, I attended Byron Ballard's Dark Moon ritual. On the 5th I lost a friend, soul brother of 28 years in a work related accident. With my understanding of the Spirit World, I wasn't crying so much for him--although his death was brutal--I was more upset for my BFF and her family, and his best friends. I've been grounding and cleansing, and feeling my emotions and honoring the grief.

Last night, I attended the guided working with the intention of being more like him--his good. He is a good, authentic soul. The type of person who'd see a stranger in distress and ask if they needed help. Empathetic, intuitive, kind, funny, loyal, protective, outgoing, grounded, always off the beaten path. I wanted to celebrate his life by being a bit more like him. To be a better person, friend, family member, and healer.

In last night's rite, I made sacrifices to my guardians and deities--blood, hair, inner fire, bone, and then my friend showed up. He wasn't in distress, he was happy. He understood what was going on. He gave me messages for myself and his little sister. We parted ways. He went back across the bridge and I opened my eyes, and rose my glass to him. Then contacted his sister, asking first if she wanted to hear about it (she did). He came through again while I was talking to her about always having her back, regardless of what side he's on.

He showed me a lighter.

Spark. Spark. Flame.

His life. His gift. Inspiration.


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