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My Reading - 5/22/21

Overall Energy for today: Mannaz - Self, Community

Housewives Tarot, what's your message for me?

Knight of Wands

I'm moving forward with my plans and manifestations. I've actually been working on the website today. Making it better and easier to use and understand. Definitely that self and community energy.

I had a vision last night with a Cow Goddess named Fehu, who kept repeating "manifestation". Behind me was a Bull God named Uruz, repeating "Drive". Very interesting indeed.

I'm sick--head cold--so I was expecting cards about self care and rest. Nah, they tools spoke of me working. Nice. That being said, I'm going to go nap. Come back and edit the website a bit before publishing.

Have a good Saturday, yall. Thank you for your support.

- Hearth Foxlyn

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