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Message of the Day - 4/4/21

The beginning of this week was packed with emotions, so much that I had to make myself take a break. I just didn't have the energy. It was difficult to rest, because I felt like I was missing business opportunities. Gotta hustle and grind in a business with so many other talented psychics and readers. Gotta build that trust and stand out. So I felt like I was missing chances to be seen, to advertise, to help people, and to support my family. But energetically, mentally, and emotionally, they was just no way I was going to try to channel or give advice. You can't pour from an empty vessel.

This week was an unplanned Spring Break for me. A Mental Health Week. But I've got that energy and I'm back to work!

What's the over all energy of the day? I see Uruz - Determination.

I've drawn - Jera - Cycles. Long time frames. Harvest. What is today's message?

Hekate through the Guardian of the Night tarot answers:

I see 3. 3 is Community.

- 7 of Pentacles - Take the right step to nurture your ideas and business to full growth. Learn learn learn.

- Knight of Pentacles - Set your goals and follow through.

- Page of Cups - "You are not an imposter." Find those others lost in the maze, connect and work together.

"Think of the business world as a maze. When you hit a dead end, retrace your steps, and take another path. Sometimes it's helpful to find others in the maze and work together to find the center."

For me, Hekate's really pushing a potential partnership, eh? "Of Toasters and Trains, Child. Toasters and Trains."

For others, it may not be bad idea to find others either in your field or with more experience growing a business. To find a potential partner, mentor, or guide? Someone to stumble along and learn with ya?

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