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Message of the Day - 2/5/21

Well, I praised it in yesterday's post, so let's use it!

Internal Spirit Box says, "Release your regrets"

The Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle (by Siolo Thompson) answers,

- Dandelion - Humility. Wormwood - Caution.

Although it is small and considered to be a weed, the dandelion is mighty and perseveres. Not with flashy colors that call attention to it. In quiet ways, like being one of bee's first food sources in some areas, growing through the cracks in pavements, and bringing healing to those who know it's physical and metaphysical properties. It's not the prettiest plant, but it has many important uses. (57)

Wormwood brings the wisdom of observation and not acting impulsively. It is a plant of warning. Be careful with how your proceed or handle situations. Perhaps be quiet, like dandelion, but not foolish when dealing with deception. (161,162)

You are important, but don't be brash with your decisions, especially in situations when you know someone or thing may not be honest with you.

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