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Message of the Day - 1/27/21

What's your message?

"Hope" "faith" "hustle"

Goddess Guidance Oracle: Green Tara - Start asking o/Others for help, instead of trying to do everything yourself.

How can that be done?


What to focus on?

"most stressful at this moment"

Everyday Witch Oracle: Tears of Joy and Sadness - It's going to be okay. This isn't your first rodeo. Stay strong.

"Honor your emotions and find balance." "Ground."

Deborah Blake's Everyday Witch Oracle booklet suggests to "take two cups of water, one almost full and another almost empty. Say "God and Goddess, please help me find and keep my balance in the challenging world." Next pour the fuller glass onto the emptier one until the water level is the same. Keep pouring back and forth until you have a sense of balance. Sip a little from each glass and thank the Gods" (93-94).

The full moon is tomorrow. Perhaps this bit of magik could be helpful?

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