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Message for the Day - 2/7/21

What is today's energy?

Womanrunes - Tree - Prosperity

What can we be prosperous today?

I see Hephaestus, the Greek God of Metalcraft and Invention. "Hardwork and diligence" He whispers. "Hone your craft. Take your time. Learn from mistakes."

The Biddy Tarot answers,

- 2 of Swords - Are you going to take action today, or just sit there, planning, hoping, and wishing?

- The Magician - Self discipline will aid you in success. Focus on your goals. Gather what you need, and get to it.

- Queen of Swords - Reconnect to your inner strength, especially if others or self doubt are stopping you from success. You have the skills and knowledge to turn dreams into real tangible things. Cut through the fog of doubt and imposter syndrome.

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