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It Ain't All For Me

A portion of the money made from Hearth Fox Oracle goes back into the community, either through charity donations or into small businesses. Without community, I wouldn't be here. The amount given isn't fixed, but more than $5 is given, even if all I make is $5. The rest of the money goes into my business and to help my family with groceries, utilities, gas, rent, whatever's needed.

I recently used my first paid online reading to support a local witch and small business owner, Jen & Tonic Bath and Beauty. I just want to pay it forward, you know? I know that excitement and relief when someone buys from me, and how much it helps around the home. I like to share that joy and love to others in my community.

Here are some of the causes that I support. Some are general, because I give to more than one charity. Sometimes I just ask certain Deities and Spirits what cause They want me to donate to, especially Hekate.

- Fighting Human Traffickers

- Black Lives Matter




- The Trevor Project

- Planned Parenthood

- Local Homelessness & Shelters

- Military Vets

- Local Food Pantries

- Local Covid Relief Organizations

- Cancer Research

- Rape Victims

- Domestic Abuse Survivors

I appreciate my followers, subscribers, paid and free clients, donators, and supporters. Just know that if you choose to trade instead of purchase it is greatly appreciated. The items on that list are things will help me to become a better witch, healer, teacher, and oracle. Every little bit helps. Thank yall!

(If you know of any good organizations to support, please let me know!)

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