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Inclusivity Policy

Hearth Fox Oracle welcomes all races, genders, sexual orientations, identities, and belief systems.

I have this in my Ethics & Policies page, but I figured that I might as well add it to the main page as well, and in the future for public events. I have real bad social anxiety sometimes, so when going to public rituals, I don't like to just assume that everyone's welcome. I like to have signs and know the details.

I have a fear of winding up in a hate group public ritual and not realizing it at first. This happened to my husband a few years ago. The guy saw my white husband's Odin tattoo and just assumed that he was a bigot, too. My husband quickly left the scene, and educated himself about hate groups (at the time he wasn't really involved in pagan groups online). I do try to keep up-to-date on hate groups and symbols, because I have found myself in a pagan hate group on Facebook. Like they weren't up-front with their ignorance, but once I saw the red flags, I was out! I don't usually join groups or rituals unless they have similar inclusivity statements, or I have trusted friends who've done their homework in those groups.

In the past, I admit to having Women-Only rituals where the inclusivity was implied and not stated. To me, if you say you're a woman, you are. I'm not going to judge and toss you out, because that's effed up. That's not who I am. BUT in the future, I'm going to be clearer, because there are folks who also have had experiences, anxieties and fears about not being welcome to events and are afraid of being/have been tossed out. Or worse.

I don't have an experience of being tossed due to my gender, sexuality, race, etc. All I have is my weight and being neurodivergent. Twice, I was tossed, in front of everyone, for being too fat for roller coasters. Both times they were popular rides, rides that I didn't have problems with in the previous year. One had a test seat that you could try before lining up--I fit fine. But in the actual seat, I didn't fit. The other time didn't have test seat. It was extremely embarrassing. Some people laughed and made fun of me. After that, when I'd go to amusement parks I was the pack mule. Too embarrassed to try any ride, even those that didn't have weight restrictions. I just stopped going and doing my favorite summer trips.

I have more experiences regarding the neurodivergent stuff, too. I don't really want to go into those, though.

Those experiences sucked and I don't want others to experience something similar when they attend my gatherings, rituals, and sessions. I try to create safe, respectful, and accommodating spaces, be them in-person or online.

In the future, there will be statements. Especially since I don't want to attract the wrong sort of people. I don't want to attract or work for bigots in any way, shape, or form. I don't want them in my circles. I don't care if my customer base goes down because of it. I don't want to work for people who hate my neighbors, my communities, my friends, my family, or me for just for existing. I don't want my photography or psychic businesses associated with the willfully ignorant.

From here on out, Hearth Fox Oracle will be sure to make the inclusivity statements clearer so people don't wonder or stress. Hearth Fox Oracle will continue to learn, grow, and evolve to help our communities heal and become more inclusive.

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