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Hearth Foxlynx

I just figured out my new magikal name: Hearth Foxlynx, but Foxlyn for short.

I outgrew Witchfire a couple of years ago (after having used it for 19 years). I came up with that magikal name when I was in middle school. I'm a witch and my sun sign is Aries, which is a fire sign, thus Witchfire was born. Naturally, I evolved and grew out of it. I like having magikal names even though my deities and spirits just call me by my birthname. I searched and meditated and came up with nothing for a while.

Eventually I used Hearth Keeper and Hearth Fox for a bit. I stopped with Hearth Keeper because that's more of a title, a position, given to me by Hestia-Vesta. I liked Hearth Fox, but it didn't feel complete.

I wasn't into foxes until 2017, when a Fox Spirit entered my life. I fell in love with the fox from The Little Prince and I crocheted a giant stuffed fox for my kids.

When I delivered my youngest son in 2018, I saw a purple kitsune leave my body with him. I was in love with foxes. Even after my Fox Spirit revealed themselves to be Loki. I ended up naming my photography business Fox Torch Photography, after an intense healing journey that I took with Loki Fox and with Persephone. I earned the title and job of Torch Bearer on that journey. I always wanted my photography to help others with self love. So Hearth Fox became my magikal name for a while. Like I said, it didn't feel complete, so I never fully embraced it.

In comes Freya--recently--calling me Lynx, not my birthname. I've been tossing around combinations of hearth, fox, and lynx. My guide liked "Hearth Foxlynx". Lots of x's. Honestly as a psychic, I love that "lynx" "links" thing, because that's what I am. I am a link to the Gods and Spirits.

When I was working on my website earlier today, I accidently left off the other x, and I really liked it. Foxlyn. I thought it was cute. It's amazing what one letter can do.

Hearth Keeper is still there. Fox is still there. Lynx is still there, too. Now my magikal name sounds complete and I feel so good and tingly.

I am Hearth Foxlyn.

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