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Get To Know The Tools: Norse Runes

Today’s post is inspired by my friend and soon-to-be rune teacher, Serendipity Wyrd. If you’re interested, by all means, pop on over to her website for the 9 week course Mysteries of the Runes. The course is $99.00, but you can make 2 payments of $49.50 or 3 payments of $33.00. Click on over for the details.

For this post, I'm going to introduce my Elder Futhark runes, and give a bit of personal history.

First things first, I tried to studying runes when I was a teenager, and I struggled due to my dyslexia. Many look too similar and there’s a lot of them. And there’s two different sets of the Norse runes, the Elder Futhark and the Younger Futhark. I’m not sure which set I was trying to learn at that time. I honestly don't know the difference, other than I think one set has more than the other. Although I struggled learning, two runes really stood out for me: Berkana and Algiz. I focused my study on them and began using those two in my witchcraft.

Algiz is a great rune to use for protection, and I use it in all of my protection work. Berkana, or Berkano, is a rune for growth and new beginnings, connected to the birch tree. A favorite tree of mine. I used this rune for my 2010 handfasting. Berkana also really helped me through my miscarriage in 2011. Berkana holds a special place in my heart and spiritual practice.

Over the years, I studied the runes and I made my own sets of Elder Futhark, from polymer, glass beads, wooden dice, and a deck of cards. I couldn’t connect to them, but I do want to give the dice and cards another go, now that I do connect with the runes.

In 2019, I was at a local shop called Raven’s Cauldron, here in Delaware, Ohio. I had no intention of purchasing a rune set. I was actually there looking for a scrying ball, because that's what Odin kept showing me. But He also practically shoved me into the shelf that held a mix of bloodstone, green aventurine, and fluorite Elder Futhark pouches. I just grabbed a set, not thinking about the metaphysical meaning of the stones (although I was hoping for the bloodstone set, because I’m more familiar with that type). I’m not a big rock person, except for a couple of special-to-me ones.

When I got home, I cleansed, crocheted a pouch, and dedicated them. Given that I'm not of a Norse path, I did this in my own way. By cleansing them with sage smoke and then making an offering and dedicating them to Odin, Loki, and Freya (and any other Norse Deity that I happen to pick up along the way). Some folks are very adamant about using Norse ways to cleanse and charge Norse runes, like using ice and fire, but I'm not of those paths. I did what I know. No one struck me down and the runes are still accurate. Do what feels right to you when it comes to cleansing and consecrating, and all that jazz. You can make the ritual as simple or as elaborate as you like, just don't forgot the purpose of it all.

In the past, when I tried more Norse ways of consecrating my runes, it didn't feel right. I just didn't connect to it. Could've also been that I wasn't connecting to the runes, too. Someone told me to just do what I know, so I did.

I realized that my pouch had green aventurine, one bloodstone, and one fluorite. In general, green is associated with the Heart Chakra, which is a chakra that I’ve been working with a lot for the last 5 years. Both green stones are great for healing trauma, calming emotions, and one of them is great for prosperity. Green Bloodstone is a protective grounder. In this business of mediumship and invocation, grounding is an important skill to have. I have a few grounding stones in my divination arsenal.

I haven't worked with my runes as often as I have other tools, so I still have a lot of learning to do about them. I suspect that's all about to change come February 26th when the Mysteries of the Runes course begins.

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