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General Divination - 5/30/21

Today's rune is Tiwaz - Tyr, Justice, Sacrifice.

Crow Tarot:

- 3 of Pents (which was a jumper that I put back because it had a bunch of cards with it) - Don't give into fear or impatience. Continue to develop those teamwork skills for success.

- Ace of Pents - Desires are no longer blocked, success is within your grasp.

- Temperance - Patience, balance, and calm when seeking solutions.

Do these card(s) resonate with you? Do they make sense?

If you'd like an in-depth reading, please visit the shop for my offerings. I can read cards and runes. I can also channel and invoke Deities, Spirits, and Ancestors to help you to become your own healer.

1) Consultation - Free

A consultation is not a free reading. We'll talk about your needs and wants, and figure out if I'm who you're looking for. Sometimes all a person needs is advice or someone to listen to them. (I'm not a therapist, psychologist, counselor, or psychiatrist.)

2) Mini-Reading - $20 (USD)

This is a short reading without depth. I will answer simple or general questions through Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Twitter Direct Messenger.

3) Email Session - $45 (USD)

Email correspondence. After I send you the reading, you can send me one email to clarify or confirm what was revealed to you. This is more in-depth than a mini-reading.

4) 2 Hour Video Chat / Facebook Messenger Session - $100 (USD)

Zoom Session. This is far more in-depth and intense. This is more direct communication between you and the entity messenger. Zoom is better than Facebook Messenger, because I/Entity doesn't have to deal with reading or typing. If you choose zoom, you can record on your end, or I can record on mine and send it to you. You can also choose to not have video on, but you need to have a microphone.

5) 2 Hour In-Person Session - $120 (USD)

This option is only available for people in and around Central Ohio. This session will take place in safe locations like parks. Somewhere public, but private enough for an invocation. If I don't feel safe, we can either cancel and refund, or reschedule.

Due to Covid, vaccinated or not, masks are required. No mask, no session, no compromise. Even if you have a legit health reason, there's always one of the other options.

I charge by time, not the tools pulled or questions asked.

I accept Paypal, Venmo, and trades.

If you are interested in one of my offerings, you can go through the shop or email me at Tell me the option you'd like to select, and whether you'd like to pay through Paypal, Venmo, or Trade. I will contact you within 1-3 days.

Before emailing me, please read the Ethics & Policies. By purchasing a session, you are agreeing to Hearth Fox Oracle's Ethics & Policies.

Stick around for future posts of personal readings, general audience readings, Pick-A-Tool, spirit messages, and more.

Thank you for your support!

- Hearth Foxlyn

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