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Dark Moon Draw - 5/11/21

Greetings! Tonight is the Dark Moon, a liminal time of bane work, healing, rest, dark deities, and spirit work. Last night, I attended Byron Ballard's guided meditation and got some serious protection and healing magik done for a loved one in need. Tonight, I'm attending another dark moon ritual with my coven, Evermoving We Rise. After, on my own, I'll be honoring my ancestors and celebrating Hekate's Deipnon.

To honor this energy, I'm going to be using Liminal Spirits Oracle by Laura Tempest Zakroff.

Entities with good intentions! What are your messages for us on this blessed dark moon?

I keep seeing mushroom people and hearing "mushrooms". I was seeing and hearing these two things before I decided on this reading today.

According to LTZ on page 147, "Mushrooms thrive in the darkness, growing from and transforming decomposing materials."

  1. Crystal - Trust yourself and shine bright (pg 130).

  2. Ash - Don't get distracted by the little things. Refocus on what's more important to you. (pg 65).

  3. Peacock - Take some time today to show yourself some self love. Honor all of yourself.(pg 103).

Trust. Focus. Self Love. These are the messages from the Liminal Spirits on this dark moon. Be like the mushroom and take time for yourself and rest in the darkness. Rest, heal, and transform into your new beautiful self.

Blessings to you all on this dark moon!

Thank you for your support,

- Hearth Foxlyn

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