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Cool News!

I've been accepted as a #ProReader in the Facebook Group: Free & Paid Psychic Readings for Spiritual Awakening & Personal Growth.

(Portrait of me by Fox Torch Photography. The awesome framing was made by Serendipity Wyrd.)

(She/Her) (Ohio, USA) Hello! I am Hearth Foxlyn of Hearth Fox Oracle. I am a psychic medium, oracle, healing facilitator, and spiritual guide. My main practice is evocation and invocation of Deities, Spirits, Ancestors, and Energies, but I can also read cards and runes. By using these abilities and tools, I can help guide you through spiritual growth so you can take healing into your own hands. My goal is for you to become your own healer. I do not answer pregnancy, health, financial, legal, or romantic relationship questions. I’m looking forward to working with yall!

If you're on Facebook, come join for free and paid readings. You can offer your services as a free reader (with permission from the admins), work your way up to a paid reader, or just get readings. I'm a ProReader, aka paid reader, but I still offer free readings in the group to build up trust. My free readings aren't in-depth, but they're still helpful!

Don't forget, on Saturday, March 20th, at 6pm, on Hearth Fox Oracle's facebook page, I'm going to have a little ritual for Persephone, and I'll be evoking and invoking Her. This event is live, free, and public. Come and maybe you'll have a chance of getting some advice from this Spring Goddess! For more details, check out this post.

Thanks for your support!

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