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Card of the Day - 1/19/2021

Internal Spirit Box says, "Change of plans" or "Change up your plans" "Fearlessness"

The Crow Tarot and Urban Crow Oracle say,

- 3of Swords - The loss gives you a valuable life lesson. Take the steps to learn how to heal.

- Insight - Test out different methods to gain understanding.

The death of family brought great upheaval, upheaval of loss, but an even greater upheaval of change. My friend, my soul brother dared to be compassionate and accepting in these troublesome times of greed and hate.

Last night, I finished writing a spirit-influence eulogy for him...and all of us who were touched by him. A piece about how meanness is easy, but compassion takes strength. Once understood, compassion spreads, and the giver grows stronger, as do those whom we help.

Some would say that another light was extinguished from this world, but it wasn't. His light lives on in each of us. We have the choice to spread that light.

I said that I wanted to be more like him--his good. To be a better person, lover, mother, friend, and healer. A better stranger and member of my many communities. I've been thinking about the 'how'. I'm no stranger to experimentation regarding faith and healing. I've been thinking how to do that, how to be more like my friend. More self healing needs to be done. More accountability. More changing of thoughts. More than I do already.

Last night, Spirit left me with another message, "Up root the hate."

Small steps. Each step towards healing and compassion uproots the thorny weeds of hate that would pull you backwards, into darkness, fear, and hatred.

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