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Blessed Midwinter, Februlia, Imbolc, and Candlemas to All Who Observe!


Today I'm going to be using a spread from Instagrammer Witchytips.

I only celebrate Imbolc with those who do public rituals, and thus only personally work with Brigid about once a year. Instead, I celebrate Midwinter, and honor all Hearth Deities, including Brigid. My focus for Midwinter and this spread will be on the Greek Hestia and Roman Vesta, my main Fire and Hearth Goddesses. Entities who are similar to Brigid, especially another Living Flame, Vesta.

I also observe the Februlia, which is a time of death and purification. A time for burning away the old and sweeping up those ashes. A month long preparation for the Flamma Vesta on March 1st, for the renewal of Vesta's flame. A renewal of my inner flame. A renewal of dedications, promises, and oath to myself and others.

But first, I want to take a look at my card for January, and this month. Like many, I do a Year Ahead reading for myself. For January, I pulled the 6 of Pentacles, which was about Unbalanced Power and the importance of grounding.

In the beginning of January, I lost a family member. It was an upheaval of everything. Everything would've been out of balance if it wasn't for me remembering this card and the need for grounding. Anytime I got stressed or worked up about something, I'd look to my friend's photo and instantly be grounded. I'd be reminded of things that actually mattered and things that I can change. Not get caught up in that drama.

The 6 of Pentacles was pretty accurate last month. No reason to think that February won't be either.

For this month, I pulled the King of Cups, a card that's about rising above drama and being a mediator instead of part of the problem. I will certainly be keeping this card in mind when drama pops up. I'm still mourning and I don't want to deal with drama. I ain't got the energy to waste on it. Ever the Healer, sure I'll try to help both parties or the individual. Like the Bald Eagles in my area, I'll soar above and observe, landing from time to time to listen, rest, and maybe give insight. Don't want to get too swept up in the winds.

As mentioned, I enjoy attending other's Imbolc rituals. During one ritual, hosted by Evermoving We Rise, I met with Brigid. Her message was all about being patient and being grounded. She also wants me to work more with my Ancestors. As the Ancestors have said, they're closer to me than the Gods. Brigid said that the Gods get busy with other matters, but there's usually Ancestors around, wanting to be remembered and talked to. Wanting their descendants to be successful! Praying to the Shining Ones is great and wanted, but talk to your dead relatives, friends, and heroes first.

Now it's time for the cards. As I'm going to be calling on Hestia-Vesta, I'll be working with a deck of mine that She's claimed: the Everyday Witch Oracle (by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba).

1) Offering to Yourself:

Internal Spirit Box: "Advice"

Hestia-Vesta offers advice.

Affirmation of Acceptance - "Accept that there are things that you can't change or fix. You know what the issue is. Let it go. Stop fighting" (49-50). Deborah Blake suggests dabbing lavender oil/lotion on your palms, wrists, and clothes, and asking the Gods for help and strength to accept these difficult things.

Inspiration and Courage - "When dealing with challenges, don't under estimate the power of your own thoughts, for good, neutral, or bad. Let go of old patterns and old ways of thinking when dealing with these challenges. Stay self aware. Change is difficult." (61-62). More shadow work for this month, huh? Bring it. I have my Gods, Guides, Guardians, Ancestors, and Loved Ones by my side.

2) Darkness to Leave Behind:

Internal Spirit Box: "Self Judgement" "Bring up past mistakes"

Affirmation for Healing the Heart - "When you need help with your sadness, seek help. Reach out. Don't handle this alone, especially if you're lost. If you're okay, reach out to someone else and give them a helping hand" (69-70). The author suggests saying this affirmation, "I am broken, but I am healing. My heart grows stronger and more vibrant everyday with the love of the God and Goddess. I am healing."

This one hits on a card pull by Nikki of Evermoving We Rise. She pulled the card of Mercy. It was about self compassion and self forgiveness.

Lately, I've been revisiting times of word vomit onto seekers and possibly overwhelming them or unintentionally scaring them, or not knowing much about a spiritual system, but still giving my two cents when I really had no place. Little things like that. Emotions of embarrassment and shoulda wouldas. Things that I need to forgive myself for and move on. I learned my lessons from those moments. Apply them to the future. No reason to keep beating myself up over them.

3) A Message from Hestia-Vesta:

Internal Spirit Box: "Keep living" "flame" "living flame" "burning the old, burning the would, healing fire" "Me"

Follow Your Dreams - "Start acting, transforming your dreams into reality. Do some fire magic by tossing your goals into a fire and allowing them to be released into the Universe. Know you've been heard." (68-69).

Fire Magic - "When you feel your own flame is low, add some Fire Magic to give it life. Light a candle, say a prayer, or meditate for about a month." (63-64). This is a time to work with fire energies and entities.

4) Embracing the Fire Goddess Within You:

Internal Spirit Box: "hugs" "care" "family and hearth" "self love" "already do" "look at your family and see their inner flames burning brightly because of your love." "Dance and BURN!"

Make a Move - "Keep moving. Move for healing. Move towards your goals." (86-87). "Move towards the sun, little seed. The flame is always moving," Hestia-Vestia adds.

Healing Waters - This card is telling me to drink my water and take a purifying bath.

It's cold, snowy, and icy today. Another snow day with the kids. All I want to do is curl up in my blankets, with a cauldron mug full of root soup, and some honeyed earl gray tea, but alas, I have plans. Working on my business pages, cleaning up shrines and altars, and doing a little ritual for Midwinter. I'll also be making some more homemade chicken noodle soup for the family. I've got Hearth Keeper duties to full fill this month--can't do that unless I get up off my bum!

Now a general message for the audience from the Hearth Deities:

Meditate to Dig Deep - Sometimes, especially when healing or problem solving, we have to dig deeper to figure out how to come up with a solution.

Prayer and Wishes - When struggles with big problems, pray. Pray to your deities, spirits, to your ancestors for help.

Seasonal Harvest - Celebrate your what you've gathered from your harvests--from your work, no matter how small or large.

Blessed, merry, and happy holy days, festivals, and birthdays of the month of February! I hope this last reading resonated with you. If it's too general, please take a look at the shop and think about getting a reading from Hearth Fox Oracle.

Stayed tuned for more divination, blog posts, and offers.

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