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Blessed May Day, Beltane, Phallophoria, MidSpring, Samhain, and Whatever You Call May 1st!

Today's general reading brought to you by the Hedge Witch's Oracle by Siolo Thompson.

A message from the Ancestors: Cohosh - Repel - Cutting ties with thoughts, people, places, and other things that are holding you back from spiritual and personal growth. It's time to put YOU first. (pg 51)

A message from the Nature Spirits: Dandelion - Humility - Yes, it is time to stand up for yourself, reinforce your boundaries, but to do so from a place of humility and grace.

A message from the Gods: Salal - Subdue - Be sure to resist temptations, anything that would derail you from your goals. (pg 143)

If you're interested in deeper readings, please check out the shop.

Be safe, yall! Thank you for your support!

- Hearth Foxlyn

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