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Blessed Flamma Vesta!

On my path, March 1st is the Flamma Vesta, or the Renewal of Vesta's Flame (New Vesta Tradition). Today is also the Roman New Year. February was a month of death and purification. A time of spiritual and physical release and cleaning. Today is a day to clean up my temple and Hestia-Vesta's shrine, and renew Her flame and my service as a Hearth Keeper to the Living Flame.

To honor my Goddess and the Vestals, I shall ask for Their wisdom for this community and for myself.

Hestia-Vesta and the Vestals! How may we renew ourselves this season? What wisdom do you have to share with us?

Internal Spirit Box:

"Work well" "Cleanse and purify the old, to make way for a fresh flame. Tend to it, keep it safe. May it warm, inspire, and and protect you."

I see The Tower, a card that I personally have no fear of, for I know it has many lessons to bring, to make me a better person.

"Perhaps you are too comfortable with the punches and having to rebuild over and over and over because you accept that you deserve nothing better? Perhaps it is time to accept that this is not a good place to have a home? Let the tower crumble. Leave the pieces on the ground. Set off for safer land and rebuild."

Mythic Oracle:

A message from Hestia - Hera - Duty - Honor yourself. What is your honor code? Are you violating it? Are you putting other above yourself, thinking that you're helping them? This is a time to be truly honest with you. (pg 68)

A message from Vesta - Aphrodite - Love - "Self love" popped into my head when I saw this card. This is a card about love and adventure. Its also about letting go of past hurts and pettiness, and unhealthy patterns. It asks that you go on an adventure of love for yourself. Take a risk. (pg 94)

A message from the Vestals - "Clean" - Pandora - Hope - Take responsibility for yourselves and own your actions. Lower your expectations of others and accept what you cannot change. This is a time of renewed hope. (pg 118-119)

Renewed inner flames. If one doesn't clean themselves up and toss away what isn't healthy for them, what is holding them back, the flame will dim and die...or catch fire all of the hoarded trash and dust around it, causing more problems. Clean and clear your inner temple. Allow the renew torch to guide you.

A message for me:

- Hebe - Play - Work work work, but don't forget to play. Be silly. Celebrate your success! Go have fun, little witch.

Thank you Hestia-Vesta and the Vestals for your wisdom on this Flamma Vesta!

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