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Blessed Dionysia!

On my path, the Dionysia is a festival of celebration! Today Dionysus and the lovely Ariadne have returned from the Underworld. Ariadne isn't the mortal princess from the Greek stories. My Ariadne is the Minoan Goddess, with a story similar to the Greek Persephone, except She wasn't kidnapped, She was already a Death and Life Goddess. Then some Greek asshole author stripped Her of Her power and status, as has been done to many other Goddesses from other cultures. Stripped of their power and changed. Like Hera...and many others.

Anyway, that's another blog.

Yes, today for me marks the return of Dionysus and Ariadne. Today I honor Them by redoing the shrine, drinking wine, listening to David Bowie, watching/reading Greek plays, reading Written in Wine, and doing a non-sober reading from Dionysus and Ariadne, using the Starman Tarot and the Hedge Witchs Oracle.

Normally, I am sober for sessions, but for this holy day, I make an exception. I'm not drunk, but I am tipsy. I'm a lightweight and it doesn't take much.

Dionysus, what is your message for the general public on this holy day?

"Happy" "Celebrate" "Cleanse" "Purify" I've lit the sage in Hestia-Vesta's name, and cleansed this space on this Dionysia!

"Go outside and breath in the fresh air"

- 8 of Swords & 4 of Pentacles - 8's are about building on your experiences. 4's are about structure and stability. You are Stuck. Poor communication. No Support. A fear of failure has weakened your foundations. You have the key to your own cage. Communicate and rebuild your structures.

Ariadne, what is your message, how do we rebuild and move forward?

"With strength and bravery, you will not be disappointed. The steps are simple, following is not. This is where determined and will power come in."

"Fierce like the lion"

- Plantain - Nourish - What you need is already around you.

"Open your eyes. If you're insecure, draw on fire's strength. Roar like the mighty lion. Push through. Nourish your soul and others with that fire. Kenaz--Torch."

And for me, Dionysus?


- 6 of Swords - 6's are a healthy perspective. Swords are mental processes. It's spring time. The old has died, remove it. Clear away that old foliage for new growth. Move forward.

And for me, Ariadne, what is your message?

- Jumper - Sage - Purify - Clear the old away and focus on new things.

- Marshmallow - Adversity - "Shadows!" Take your time.

"Don't forget to rest. Don't take on these challenges when you're not at your best. Don't listen to others, they don't know you like We do."

Thank you Dionysus and Ariadne for your wisdom and advice on this holy day!

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