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Accepting My Strength

Womanrunes for the overall energy for today. I heard "love" and I saw a crowned heart (compassion). I drew the Moon & Star - Faith, Inspiration, and Psychic Healing.

Kat Shaw's Affirmation Deck is calling too: I hear and see "STRENGTH"

I hear a woman's voice, as if she's standing at a podium, speaking in front of a crowd. She is a young strong black woman, wearing early 1900's clothes. "I fight so that future generations will punish the monsters and support the victims."

I've drawn, 'Oh yes, I know my power. And when you remember this truth, I pity anyone who tries to treat you as anything less or underestimates your strength."


'My soul is made from the flames of my life. These are my power. You are your power.'

Persephone, through the Biddy Tarot, says,

- Page of Cups - You may receive an unexpected surprise.

- The High Priestess - Connecting to your inner self. Let go of that fear and ego. Go within.

First off, I totally did receive an unexpected surprise in the mail today. One of my students sent me a birthday gift of an angel boy. One that I've been wanting for a long time. One that represents my eldest son, whom I miscarried in Oct 2011. This whole reading is spot on, but especially that.

As for the rest, I've been going through a lot stuff and everyone that I've talk to are like, "You're so strong." I just don't see it as strength. I see it as being stubborn. As it being logical and the right thing to do. I don't see any other way to do and handle this stuff. There's only one way forward. There is no such thing as going back. I've never seen that as strength, especially as I back down from things like social gatherings, answering the door, or making a phone call. But I try to stand up against bullies and monsters, and even a vicious dog to save my friends. I've always kind of been a guardian and a healer. People say that I'm strong, I just see it as the right thing to do, that strength has nothing to do with it. Someone has to do it, and I know that most people will say that it's not their problem and let it go on. I can't do that. I have to do something. I just don't see that as strength.

I was talking to a friend and teacher, and Loki last night, and they helped me see my strength. To acknowledge and accept it. It's such a bizarre thing to accept that I am strong and brave. So those are things that I need to go within and explore, and affirmation that I need to repeat and believe about myself. <3

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