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  • Feel free to message Hearth Fox Oracle through the business page.

  • I often post readings for myself and the general community.  I also post single card live readings.


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  • This is an alert email.  Once I receive your message, I will respond back either from wix or from my witchfire02 account.  ONLY once you've made a purchase or message me first.  

  • If you're interested in a session, please state which option you'd like to select, and the payment method.

  • If you have questions or comments, please message me.

  • I will contact you within 1-3 days.

Instagram: @hearthfox_oracle

  • I often post blog posts and readings for myself and the general community.

Twitter: @HearthFoxOracle


  • This account currently has no videos.

  • Hearth Fox Oracle only has one website, one Facebook business page, one Instagram, one Twitter, one Youtube, and three emails. I am working on one Etsy page, but it isn't ready.   I will update this website when it is ready.

  • Hearth Foxlynx only has one Facebook profile.  

  • Hearth Fox Oracle will never contact you to sell or make offers.

  • Hearth Fox Oracle does not have giveaways or contests (with the exception of a raffle done through Evermoving We Rise at the Pagan Unity Festival in June 2021).

Unless stated on one of the existing links first, HFO does not have profiles anywhere else.  If you're contacted by a fake Hearth Fox Oracle or a fake Hearth Foxlynx account claiming to be me, please message me and report.